Shipping policy

From the beginning of the war with Russia until the victorious end - we process orders every day on weekdays, but due to the heavy workload, the processing period of standard orders has increased to 2-3 working days.

We, as always, try to process your orders as soon as possible, but we ask you to be understanding of the realities, when we all have to sit in hiding for several hours a day. A polite customer is always right, but the lives and safety of our people do not stand on any scales. Please do not forget that we are at war. Especially those who live safely outside Ukraine… There, it seems, everything is fine, but it is not. We have to formulate this painful message because there are people who accuse us of "moving too slowly." Thank you to everyone who supports us with understanding - we will never let you down!

Delivery times - according to the deadlines set for delivery to Ukraine operators "New mail" or "Ukrposhta". Payment for delivery is made by tariffs of New mail or Ukrposhta.

If the number of the Nova Poshta branch you need does not appear in the list, it means that the parcel branch does not work. It can be temporary or permanent and we cannot influence it. If curfew is imposed in the city for several days - the branch suspends the reception of parcels on these days. Please note the conditions of wartime.

To monitor the status of your orders - register / login on the site before placing an order. Then all your orders will be in your personal account.

The struggle continues!

International delivery

International delivery is at your choice Ukrposhta, Most Express or Nova Poshta Global. At the time of martial law in Ukraine due to Russia's military invasion - delivery is provided only by Ukrposhta. In each case, the cost of delivery depends on the volume of the package, so we will report it additionally and send an invoice for payment.

Delivery outside Ukraine must be prepaid.